BB65 /// MANET Easy Chair

I’ve designed MANET easy chair as the first product developed and commercialized by my studio, BestBefore2065.
MANET is an easy chair aiming to re-create that feeling we have when we’re spending time in the open air. On MANET, as on a meadow, you’re free both to lay or sit: reading, taking a nap or just sitting are always very personal experiences while staying in-between the chair’s soft “stems”.

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Édouard Manet

MANET is entirely manufactured in Brianza area (Italy) by qualified artisans.

The rigid and geometric look creates a funny and unexpected contrast with the softness of the seat.

The user has the freedom to move, turn or remove every single pillow, always finding the desired position and always creating a “new” seat.

Pillows linings are made in fabric (100% polyester) removable and washable. The box is made out of MDF and it is covered with a soft synthetic leather with antimicrobial and antiacarus treatment, which determines durable hygienic freshness.

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